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Joel Osteen I Declare Quotes

A Concise Summary of Joel Osteen’s I Declare in 30 Minutes



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Joel Osteen I Declare Quotes

I Am: Two of the Most Powerful Words, for What You Put After Them Shapes Your Reality.



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Joel Osteen I Declare Quotes

I have the favor of God. I am strong and healthy. I’m well able to do what I need to do.



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Joel Osteen I Declare Quotes and Sayings

I DECLARE I am special and extraordinary. I am not average! I have been custom-made. I am one of a kind. Of all the things God created, what He is the most proud of is me. I am His masterpiece, his most prized possession. I will keep my head held high, knowing I am a child of the most high God, made in his very image. This is my declaration. – Joel Osteen



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Joel Osteen I Declare Quotes

I DECLARE I am a people builder. I will look for opportunities to encourage others to bring out the best in them and to help them accomplish their dreams. I will speak words of faith and victory, affirming them, approving them, letting them know they are valued. I will call out their seeds of greatness, helping them to rise higher and become all that God created them to be. This is my declaration.



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