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Perfect Boyfriend Text Message

I’m kissing you one way or another ONE WAY OR ANOTHER IM GONNA GETCHA



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Perfect Boyfriend Text Message Quotes

Babe close your eyes ok what do you see?nothing well,that’s my life without you



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Perfect Boyfriend Text Message or Quotes

I miss you a lot Sierra U know what I miss? Oreo cereal What? Please be serious where do they sell that at



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Break Up Text Message Quotes To Girlfriend

We should talk…

Talk about what? About all the lies or how you broke my heart? Is that what you want to talk about? I’m stupid for letting you walk all over me and never complained once i’m stupid for always running back to you but you just wanted to play the game i actually wanted to be with you i hope she’s good at dealing with bullshit because your nothing but it.




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Break Up Text Message and Quotes Tumblr

After a breakup ,the loyal one stay single and deals with the damages until healed. The other one is already in another relationship.



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Break Up Text Message Quotes Tumblr

It’s just when i look at you i see where i really belong and i don’t care about the distance or what other people have to say about us because I’ve never felt how i have with you. You’r the greatest risk I’ve ever taken, and the greatest reward and i just wanna be with you forever



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