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Quotes About Alone

I restore myself when I’m alone. – Marilyn Monroe



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Robin Williams Quotes About Alone

I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone. – Robin Williams



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Quotes About Alone by Henry Rollins

Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.  – Henry Rollins



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Alone Quotes by Chantal Kreviazuk

I’m learning a lot about myself being alone, and doing what I’m doing. – Chantal Kreviazuk



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Alone Quotes

We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone. – Orson Welles



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Quotes About Alone

What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be. –  Ellen Burstyn



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