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Eating is one of the great beauties in life. One of my favorite recreations… eating with friends, the service, the ambience.

– LeRoy Neiman



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Dakota Fanning Quotes About Life Favorite

One of my favorite things about doing movies is that you get to do different things you’d never do in real life. – Dakota Fanning



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Quotes About Life Favorite by Jackie Tabick

One of my favorite cartoon characters is Snoopy. I love the way he sits and lies on his kennel and contemplates the great things of life. – Jackie Tabick



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Life Favorite Quotes by Carla Gugino

My favorite thing is to have a big dinner with friends and talk about life. – Carla Gugino



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Life Favorite Quotes

Childhood – that was not my favorite time in my life. – Roz Chast



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Quotes About Life Favorite by Erin Wasson

Each piece of jewellery tells a story of my life. Picking one particular piece as a favorite would be like taking a chapter out of a book. – Erin Wasson



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